A look behind the scenes at the show

What are the keys to success for Safran at the largest air show in the world? What kind of organization goes into this event? What does it represent for the Group? Christine Orfila, Head of Image and Branding at Safran, takes us behind the scenes at the Paris Air Show and discusses the crucial role played by the teams in charge organizing the show.

How long have your teams been working on the Paris Air Show?

A project like this is prepared more than a year in advance. We start by identifying the needs of the Group's companies, asking them to inform us of the products they wish to showcase on the Safran stand.

Ten months before the show opens, we do a call for tender for the construction of the stand and the chalet. Month by month, the organizing team expands, and in January we set up about thirty work groups involving more than 60 people to cover all the topics relating to the show organization: security, IT, transportation, catering, accommodation, the stand, the chalet, the website, press, and so on.

Team Safran at Paris Air Show 2015

A month before the opening, we enter the crucial phase of assembling the stand and the chalet. Finally, during the show, more than 100 people (salespeople, company specialists on the stand, hostesses and communication teams) are on site to promote our products and services. It is thanks to their constant commitment that we are able to welcome our customers in the best conditions and inform the general public about Safran by through our displays, press articles and Safran's dedicated Paris Air Show website.


What was new for Safran at this year's Air Show?

Of course, some aspects related to the organization of the show don't change from one edition to the next, although our priorities do. This year, we wanted to design a platform to showcase our products and welcome customers and prospective clients, but we also wished to develop our brand image through the theme of innovation.

We made a 1,200-square-meter stand available to sales departments and companies, with an area dedicated to the products of the future placed in the center. Every day, we held talks in French and English in this space on five themes related to the Group's future.

Alongside this initiative, a publicity campaign we launched in the media entitled "We bring the future to your doorstep" reinforced our image as an innovative Group.


Can you give us your initial assessment of this show?

The initial feedback has been very positive. Our customers have been satisfied with the organization, as have the Group's sales departments. In terms of visits, we have received over 170 delegations on the stand and at the chalets, 70 politicians, including ten ministers, and of course the French President and Prime Minister. Another source of satisfaction is that the number of visits to our website has increased by over 25% during the show: by Thursday evening, we had logged more than 50,000 visits and more than 160,000 page views. Next week we will be sending a satisfaction survey to Group participants. These results help us to identify areas of improvement for the next show... As you can see, the preparation for the 2017 Paris Air Show has already started!


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