Local flavors for breakfast

The Group’s teams have been working hand in hand with their counterparts at Dassault Aviation on legendary planes such as the Mirage III since the 1960s. Labinal Power Systems (Safran) has built a special relationship with this customer over the years, program after program.
Breakfast tripe with Safran Electrical & Power
Breakfast tripe with Safran Electrical & Power

Their industrial cooperation has grown into friendships nurtured by their shared passion for flight, the challenges they have tackled together… and their taste for fine food from Auvergne. Folk of a feather have always flocked together in the airframer's and its supplier's ranks – and all the more so in Vichy, one of Auvergne's main cities, where Dassault Aviation once had its entire production operation.


There are more Auvergnats in Paris than anywhere else and, accordingly, a part of Auvergne has been traveling up to France's capital during the Paris Air Show for the past 20 years. On Thursday June 18, around 40 members of the Confrérie des Tripoux (roughly "sheep-tripe brotherhood") – including Labinal Power Systems CEO Alain Sauret – wrapped up the week with a peculiar ‘snack': tripe and cheese from Auvergne washed down with the region's white wine and wallowing in camaraderie, at 9 in the morning.

And they are already looking forward to the next Paris Air Show.